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Damon Dark World and his spin-off: Vincent Kosmos, The Young Adventures of Damon Dark, The Lansing Chronicles.

    Timeslip returns in a new version!


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    Timeslip returns in a new version! Empty Timeslip returns in a new version!

    Post  Straker on Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:15 am

    Back in the late 80s, early 90s, when I first created Damon Dark, it was going to be Damon and Candy as the regular series team, plus their boss, the Coordinator of Department Six, in an ongoing secret war against aliens. Each week, the aliens would use human agents to attack us by altering time, distorting reality, bending minds, turning people invisible or miniature, creating duplicates, etc. It was planned to be the scariest show ever, really. But sadly it never went any further. Timeslip was my self-funded pilot and Ed Bishop, from UFO and Captain Scarlet even agreed to appear as an ageing UFO expert named Ed who'd been locked in a mental ward and was now poor and working as a dishwasher and suffering a drinking problem.

    So, sadly, we never saw Candy's adventures with Damon fully developed, but that was going to be the main format of the show....Damon and Candy versus the forces of the alien invaders! And Timeslip, their first adventure together has returned to YouTube this week in a new version!

    As I had a crew when I made this one, it is perhaps the only true professional production of Damon Dark I've made. Another professional pilot was made later with Bruce Hughes in the role of Damon. It too was quite well done and Bruce was good as a cultured, less Australian-sounding version of Damon!

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