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Damon Dark World and his spin-off: Vincent Kosmos, The Young Adventures of Damon Dark, The Lansing Chronicles.

    The Time-Loss Incident! (Owed by Aliens!)


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    The Time-Loss Incident! (Owed by Aliens!) Empty The Time-Loss Incident! (Owed by Aliens!)

    Post  Straker on Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:26 am

    Well, here it is! Damon Dark in "The Time-Loss Incident". This is based on the real-life case of The Hills, a couple who "lost time" after a UFO encounter and later dreamt of meeting the aliens and being examined by them. Was it a memory or merely a dream? The story was made into a book and film, "The Interrupted Journey". This Damon Dark story uses the same approach to weave a "shades-of-the-Twilight Zone" tale and dramatises how Damon first recieved the "alien implants" in his hands!

    (Thanks to Trea Cotton for the superb visual effects! And thanks to Chris Heaven for the post production work, including letter-box, titles, glowing eyes and UFO swirl and the filmic color filtering.)

    I have to confess...I'm a little bit proud of this effort! Very Happy

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